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Strategic Consulting

Effective training solutions begin with the development of an organizational strategy and clear value proposition that captures the intent of training leaders and stakeholders. Ellison Keller assists stakeholders at all levels by analyzing complex situations and developing comprehensive plans of action that allow organizations to address current and future training requirements.

Training Analysis

Training analysis is a multi-faceted endeavor that is critical to the successful development of instructional products and systems that produce efficient training outcomes. Analyzing the complete range of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform mission critical tasks while simultaneously understanding training contexts, environments, learner attributes, and other related factors are among the most important activities in any training development project.

Ellison Keller has specific expertise in applying targeted training analysis methodologies to identify, integrate, and define the instructional and systems requirements for training courseware and environments, inform the design of training technologies, and advance the scientific understanding and utility of complex cyber-human training systems.

Learning Engineering

The training landscape is changing. Emerging technologies and an increasing focus on learner-centric instructional practices are driving the need for more focused training interactions. Learning environments are a large part of this changing landscape, with training ecosystems becoming more reliant on instructional simulations and expanding into augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences. 

Ellison Keller pursues an integrated, multidimensional development approach to leverage emerging technologies in the service of learner-centric training design. We combine skills in engineering and systems science with expertise in instructional design, computer science, and human cognition to design and create learning technologies and architectures that meet evolving training requirements. 

As the complexity of training events continues to evolve, training effectiveness and the capabilities of systems to support and optimize training outcomes becomes an increasingly critical concern. Historically, these concerns have been addressed through the use of traditional training evaluations. However, traditional evaluation methodologies do not adequately capture the complete range of efficacy factors that exist with modern training technologies.


Ellison Keller focuses on both the human and systems elements of training evaluation, which provides a deeper, more meaningful assessment of instructional strategies and environments. Following this approach allows Ellison Keller to provide comprehensive training evaluation and validation services that provide timely, actionable information to key stakeholders and decision makers on the efficacy of mission critical training systems.

System Evaluation
and Validation

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